Sunday, 10 April 2016

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Red & Gold ♥ Nails

Five years ago last month, I first met my other half.  I decided to do a celebratory manicure.  I asked him to choose a colour - he chose red - and worked around that.
I love how the gold polka dots look on the red.   I had intended to do lots of mini hearts instead of polka dots, but I failed miserably a few times, before deciding to revert to polka dots.

Originally I used two coats of an unnamed Christina Marie Handmade red polish over a basecoat of white, however when I re-did one of my nails I didn't use the basecoat and thought that the red wouldn't differ too much.  Sadly under the camera flash, the difference was very obvious.  I decided to re-redo my middle nail and painted it gold instead and I much prefer that look, as the one dark red nail just looked far too obvious and wrong to me.  The gold I used was from a set I received for Christmas - I wrote a bit about it here.



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