Wednesday, 24 February 2016

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When Colours Collide - Orange, Purple & Pink

The latest When Colours Collide challenge was Orange, Purple & Pink.  For all the following looks I used:  a pink Calvin Klein polish, Sally Hansen - Too Haute (purple) and Sinful Colors - Courtney Orange.

I was a little stuck so had a look on google and came across this post.  I had a go at patchwork nails, but before I managed clean up and to take any proper pictures I mucked them up.  Here are my nails before clean up/smudging.

Because I didn't want to enter these for the challenge collage, I did some more pink, purple and orange nails.  These turned out a lot better.  I love doing galaxy nail art!  The only problem with this look was that I only took three photos of it, and in the end they didn't turn out too brilliant.

Finally I did a third look once I'd reshaped my nails back to square (yay!).  I basically just kept adding a bit of each nail polish to each nail.  The purple was quite opaque compared to the rest so it was difficult to get a good balance.  I also added a little heart (from a set of embellishments I purchased from Poundland) because I thought it looked a little plain beforehand.

Even though I wasn't completely happy with any of my looks for this colour combo, I ran out of time  and I decided my favourite look out of the three was the galaxy nails, so these were the ones that featured in the collage!

Here is the collage featuring lots of lovely looks!  If you want to join in, take a look at the When Colours Collide Facebook page here.


  1. Love the new blog look and profile pic!! I'd never think about using these colours together, but they work really well :) Tania xx

    1. Awh, thank you so much Tania!!
      I love these challenges as they are making me use combos I wouldn't normally think of :) xx


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