Saturday, 2 January 2016

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - Hunger Flames

Today, I have a polish which I received for Christmas.  This is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 'Hunger Flames', and it is a gorgeous purple colour!

I used a base coat (although on the bottle it says that there is no need), two coats of Hunger Flames and one coat of the Miracle Gel Top Coat. The polish was pretty much opaque after the first coat.

The brush is huge - I don't think I have any polishes with brushes this big - and although it means you cover the nail in fewer strokes, I found it a little messy trying to get it to look nice at my cuticles without having to clean up!

Sadly, I must not have left it long enough before putting the top coat on... so my brush got purple... I guess I will have to just use the top coat for this colour, and get another for my other Miracle Gel polishes... ooops.

On top of the top coat I added some studs - these came in a pack of different gold, silver and black studs of different shapes (stars, hearts, diamonds, rectangles, triangles and squares), from Poundland.



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