Tuesday, 12 January 2016


Neon Lion Nails

I recently ordered some Nail Decals from Shop Keeki, and today's nails feature a very handsome lion decals.
I loved my neon zig-zag nails so much that I decided to use the neon polishes again.  As well as the orange and pink, I used yellow too!  On top I used "Ring Master" from Sarah Smiles.

I'm a little sad, as I was just thinking how much I liked my squared off nails, and how they were just the right length... and I broke two of them!  They were irreparable so I had to take action, and ended up rounding off my nails!  I do hope they grow quickly so I can square them off again (I'm not good at squaring off short nails!).

I started off with a white base coat, and then used little pieces of sponge to dab on the colours.  The yellow was nowhere near as opaque as the orange and pink so that needed a fair few more layers, but I think all the colours blended in well together.  I had envisaged smaller sections of each colour, but I started off with too big a sponge, so carried on with one section of each colour per nail, but I like it.  I love the yellow to orange gradient on my little finger nail, it looks like it is glowing!

I added two coats of Ring Master - which is small pieces of holographic glitter - before adding a layer of Essence Quick Dry Top Coat.  The Lion decal was really easy to apply: after cutting out the required image, I soaked it in some water for around 30 seconds - possibly a little longer - slid the lion off its backing paper, and placed it on my nail.  I then applied another coat of the Essence Top Coat.

I think the lion looks rather magical over the holographic glittered gradient, neon background.

You can purchase these lion head nail decals HERE.


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