Sunday, 17 January 2016


Minty Green Leopard Print Nails

I was looking for a design to do on my nails, and while I was browsing the internet, I came across some lovely designs.  I was inspired for this mani by @Glittr (instagram) - her nails are fabulous!  I love leopard print nails as they are pretty quick and simple to do, and look effective.

I used a PS Nail Polish from Primark for the minty green, and this is three coats.  I adore this polish, and even though I don't class green very highly in colours I like, this is a definite exception - it's so pretty.  The silver is two coats of Rimmel 'Your Majesty', and the black I used is Revlon 'Black Star'.  I topped it all off with Essence Quick Dry Top Coat.

To create the leopard print look, I used a dotting tool to dot little green patches over my nail, and then a smaller dotting tool with black to outline the patches and add some lines in between them.


It finally snowed here yesterday!  It doesn't look as white in the photo as it does in real life.  I love snow, it makes everywhere look so magical and pretty.  Sadly, it hasn't snowed any more today, and the roads are looking mucky from the grit and mud mixed up with the snow.  It's still pretty cold though, so the snow isn't disappearing tooooo quickly!!



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