Thursday, 14 January 2016


I love photos.  I enjoy taking them, and I enjoy looking back at old photos as it helps bring back memories of times or events.  It has been a long time since I printed any off and I felt it was time to do so, so that I can put them on display in the real world, and not just online.

I have just received my order from Cheerz, and I am so happy with it!
I think I am going to use a piece of string and pegs to make a little hanging line for these photos!  It will be easy to change them up every now and again too.

Here is a little selection of photos which I got printed.  Most of these came straight from my Instagram & Facebook, so not the biggest file sizes, but the pictures are surprisingly clear!

I just love how the polaroids look.  I used to have a polaroid camera actually, when I was about 12/13, but it was really expensive for the blanks to go in it.  You can get the polaroids printed with black, white or multi-coloured borders.

The paper these photos are printed on is really good quality.

I also ordered some square photographs to mix it up a bit, and I love how these turned out too!  You can get them with or without the border, and either black, white or multi-coloured borders.

Prints start from 30p each which I think is really reasonable for professionally printed photographs... and their printers are certainly much better than mine!  They are also one of the cheapest I found online for printing instagram/facebook photos.

There are other products on the website which would make lovely thoughtful and meaningful gifts such as Photo Boxes and magnets.  Cheerz also do wedding items such as save the date cards.

When I ordered, I was given a referral link and code for £4 off for friends on their first order, over £8!  Use this link:, and enter the code EMMBL98 at the checkout to get your discount.

UPDATE:  All referrals have now been claimed, but I would still highly recommend visiting for all your photo printing/personalied item needs!!!


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