Thursday, 3 December 2015

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Models Own - Chrome Turquoise

Models Own were having a 50% off sale for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, and it would have been rude to not take advantage of it, wouldn't it?  Especially since I was in Glasgow on the Sunday/Monday! 

I had had a little look online for which polishes I would look for in the new bottleshop in Buchanan Galleries - knowing that I may well be far too tempted by allll the lovely polishes on display!  Blue is my favourite colour, it is one I am always drawn to first, so the first polish on my list was one of the new Colour Chrome polishes, Chrome Turquoise.  The weather has been pretty poor, so have been unable to get a decent natural light shot, but in different lights this polish looks different anyway!

I think in the January sales I need to get some daylight bulbs/lights, and potentially a light box (although I did just try and make one, and I think it will do) as it can be quite grey here!

So here we have it.  Chrome Turquoise.  I tried to get the photographs to show up as near to the real colour as I possibly could!

This polish is lovely!  It's so different from any polishes I have.  It dried really quickly.  All the pictures show three coats with no base or top coat (and were taken with flash, unless stated).  The polish is pretty opaque though, and two coats would have been sufficient.

Because the polish is so different to any of my other polishes, it came out a little streaky, however, I think the streaks could be eliminated by a more skillful application! (I have two more chrome polishes coming up, so will be able to see if I can improve!).

No flash, artificial light.
Taken in not too bright natural light, no flash.
I will update to include some natural light pictures when I get a chance and the weather is better!

Have you got any of the Colour Chrome polishes?
Do you have any lighting suggestions for me to look at in the sales??


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