Thursday, 31 December 2015

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@EmmaMereta's 2015 Twitter Review

Hands up who loves little fun facts and figures?  I do!!

I was looking for an app to find my best instagram pictures of 2015, because I liked the one I did at the end of last year.  Iconosquare who hosted the 'best of' videos last year aren't doing them this year and in my search I stumbled upon ThinkUp.

ThinkUp is a paid for service, however, you do get a free 14 day trial, which I am using.  It's a lot more fun and interesting than I thought it would be.

Here are some things I found out using ThinkUp:

  • I joined twitter 7 years ago, which is 74% of Twitter's lifetime 
  • I have tweeted 18,833 times since I joined - that is over 3 days 6 hours and 28 minutes of tweeting...
  • In 2015, I sent 869 tweets - at 15 seconds per tweet, that equates to 3 hours and 37 minutes
  • 53% (461) tweets contained an exclamation mark
  • My 1,398 followers would pack the Hammerstein Ballroom, and then some. it's capacity is 1,000
  • 23% (200) tweets contained the words "I", "me", "my", "mine" or "myself".

Happy New Year to you all.
I hope 2016 is a happy and healthy one!


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