Saturday, 21 November 2015

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Three Gaming Apps I'm Loving Right Now

I am one to get quite addicted to games and play them daily until I get bored of them or find a new favourite.  I currently have three games on the go, which I have been playing for differing amounts of time.

All of these apps are free to download.

Covet Fashion - Android/iTunes

 This is currently my favourite game.  I have been playing Covet Fashion since around July time.

 There are new challenges daily, with one $500 challenge each day.  Entering this challenge is a great way of earning money in order to complete other challenges.  There are numerous brands on Covet, and all the clothes featured are actual real life clothes!  Brands such as Calvin Klein, Cynthia Rowley, Zimmerman and French Connection are all on there, to name but a few!
As well as receiving a daily allowance of 20 tickets and 100 diamonds, another way to earn tickets - which are needed to enter challenges - is to vote on looks.  The way outfits score are based on votes by other Covet users (as well as receiving limited bonuses for using unworn items, and items which match the particular season).

Here are some of my higher scoring looks!

Each challenge has four prize levels.  Level one is at 4.0 stars, you win 25 diamonds if your look scores 4.5 stars, the third prize is at 5.0 stars.  If you max out your unworn and season bonus and manage to score 5.0 stars in voting then you have a maximum score of 5.8 and receive 5000 diamonds!

There are many levels to this game, being determined by the value of your closet.  As you level up you gain access to more hairstyles and make up looks.  I have a long way to go, and am verging on reaching level 10.

Dr Parking 4 - Android/iTunes

I downloaded this recently, but have previously played the other versions.  I am very fond of parking and driving games, and go through phases of playing them.

With Dr Parking 4 you get 70 levels to play in your own time, and if you wish you can put your parking to the test and play against other players in real time!

Polish Blast - Android/iTunes

This is a brand new app from Cutepolish which I recently downloaded.  I am onto Level 38 and doing quite well.  It's similar to Candy Crush, but based on nail polish instead.

Do you play any of these games?  What apps/games would you recommend?

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