Thursday, 4 June 2015

Garden Birds

I have been informed that Mrs Mossy is more than likely a 2006 release, making her around 9 years old, and being 'A' she was the first chick released that year in Dumfries & Galloway.  I am very pleased that she has stayed this long!  (Mossy is apparently a 2003 release, having lost his tags a few years ago).

This wee blackbird was rummaging through the cut grass for food.

Pheasant seems to have lost a tail feather or two recently.  Here's hoping he grows back some new and even better ones.

There were also numerous starlings just out of perfect view, rummaging about for food.  I managed to just get a starling in focus, with some food in its beak, but I wasn't quick enough to capture a picture.  I was also unsuccessful in capturing a photograph of any of the swallows which were flying about.  I can but keep trying!


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