Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Revolution - Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome

On Saturday, 31st January I visited one of my favourite places - The Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome - in Glasgow.  For once (sadly) I was not there for volunteering duties, and just as a spectator.   It was a little weird, but enjoyable all the same!  One thing I enjoy about visits to the velodrome is the temperature!  I think it is around 28/29oC, so it was very nice to escape from the chilly Scottish weather.

I hadn't been to a Revolution event before, so wasn't sure what to expect, however, I knew I was going to see some good racing, some star names and some stars of the future.  Among the stars in attendance were Lizzie Armitstead, Dame Sarah Storey and Jason Kenny.  Sir Chris Hoy was also in attendance and was subject of a trackside interview.  Amongst other things, he was talking about his future plans to participate at the 24 hour Le Mans event.... Fascinating!
Most of the events were the same as what I have seen at the World Championships, the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, but there were a couple which were new to me.  One in particular was the Revolution Longest Lap.  This is a very new event and sees the field of riders attempting to track stand near the start/finish line for a (long) certain amount of time until the commisaire fores the gun, then sprinting for one lap to determine the winner.  While doing the track stand, if a rider puts their foot down, falls or crosses the start/finish line  before the gun goes, then they are out of the race.  The stamina and technique required to do such a long track stand is phenomenal, and I take my hat off to all the riders!!

I took my new camera along, on it's first proper outing (I am still a little nervous about losing it, or dropping it or something!), and here are some of the successful photos I took.  I say successful, as track cycling is very fast paced, so it actually takes quite a lot to manage to get decent photographs, so I took many many blurry photos too!

I thoroughly enjoyed the Revolution event, and will definitely go again!


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