Sunday, 18 January 2015

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Jazzie's Crafty Candles

Check out these awesome wax melts/tarts from Jazzie's Crafty Candles, which I won in a competition held over on Gemini Gem's Facebook page before Christmas.  I actually won two prizes, these are the first of my prizes.  How lucky am I!

They smell so good!  I'm not too great at identifying smells, but the beige/orange coloured ones smell like something which I have eaten before... I just can't put my finger on it.  Both of the colours smell good enough to eat though.  *Update* I believe the beige/orange coloured melt is chocolate orange scent!
I haven't got a tart burner yet - I keep forgetting every time I go to the shops - but I will update this post when I have!  I bet they will smell even better when they are melting, although I will feel bad melting the cute little space invaders!

If you like candles and things which smell devine, please go and check out Jazzie's Crafty Candles on Facebook.

Pictures in this collage taken from Jazzie's Crafty Candles Facebook Page.
Check back soon to read about my other prize which I won in the same competition!


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