Tuesday, 27 January 2015

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Doggy Print Bag - Simply Fashion Jewellery Manchester

Have I been having a lucky few months, or what?!  I have been networking a lot more lately, with Addicted2Sparkle, to try and boost my online presence.  Along the way I have come across many lovely pages,with products which I will be definitely keeping in mind for birthdays and other special occasions.  I have also entered a few giveaways, in which I have been rather successful!!

I was browsing a page - FlutterByGail - when I noticed a giveaway with a doggy print bag as one of the prizes. I have seen this print around quite a bit when I have been having a browse and I love it.

Picture taken from FlutterByGail
I never thought I'd be lucky enough to win in the giveaway (which had 11 individual prizes), let alone win the exact prize which made me enter!  I won the doggy print bag, from Simply Fashion Jewellery Manchester.

And here it is....

How cute!  The material feels very durable, and sturdy.  The bag is a good size and will fit everything I need (and things I don't need but usually carry round anyway!) in it.  It will make a good bag for when I go out to photograph things as my camera in its case fits inside easily.

If you have a moment, please take a look at FlutterByGail and Simply Fashion Jewellery Manchester!


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