Monday, 10 November 2014

Nails Inc - Wigmore Street

This post was one of my favourites, after battling with a keyboard which didn't want to type G, H or -,  and WiFi connection issues, I managed to write a good blog post.  However, halfway through the writing, my WiFi connnection completely died, and then my laptop started smoking and making a scary noise, so I had to shut down without being able to save (I did copy and paste to a word document, but my laptop is too scary to turn on right now!) :( !

So anyway, here is a whole new post about the lovely polish I picked up recently, free with GLAMOUR magazine.

With an RRP of £11 a bottle, getting a full size bottle for £2 (as well as a magazine) is a great offer!

This colour is gorgeous, it is called Wigmore Street.  I'd describe it as an indigo, a bluey purple.

As soon as I started painting my nails, I loved the colour.  It gave good opacity in the first coat, however, I think two coats are perfect.  I knew I wanted to try it out matte, and I am pleased with how it looks.  The pictures show two coats, plus top coat.

I love this polish, and may well end up purchasing the other colours!

If I manage to salvage my previous post off my laptop, I will upload it, as it was a post I was really proud of.  Kind of gutted, but I needed to show you all how great this polish is, so you can go out and get it!! :)


  1. I missed this magazine, I wonder if they're still selling it? What a bargain and the colour looks gorgeous on you too. I'm loving the nail shape and the matte accent nail looks fab! Sorry to hear about your post being lost, it's so annoying when that happens :( xx

    1. It's still on sale :D yesterday I got another copy with a different colour! It's the December issue :) ! Oh, thank you!! Its a lovely colour. I'm excited to try my newer one now too, especially matte (its a deep burgundy). This polish definitely suits matte I think! Thanks, felt like a change, and Halloween gave me a good excuse to go for claws! :)
      Laptop's pretty much given up the goose now...! :( xx

  2. Heyy againn! Just wanted to let you know that I went and bought the magazine after you let me know about it on Twitter! Thank you! I've just posted about it on my website and linked to you :). You can see it here if you want to have a look ( ). Thanks again for the heads up! xxx


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