Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Feed all the birds... Part One.

I can't quite believe it's been a whole week since I last blogged.  Where has that time gone?  I have been busy making a DIY bracelet stand, and making bracelets to go on said stand.  I am also halfway through creating another display stand.  I will probably blog about them soon.  Anyway, on to today's post...

I have recently been enjoying observing the pheasants in my garden, as documented in previous blog posts, and I have also been enjoying trying to get some nice photos, while still trying to get used to my new camera.   I decided to put my pictures into two posts, as there are quite a few!

We shall start with some collared doves:


Now some other visitors to the garden:

There have been a few more red kites around recently, but with the windy weather, it has been pretty tricky to take a decent picture of them, as they have been traveling so fast!  here are a few I took yesterday though:

Part Two contains the pheasants!


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  1. thanks Emma for doing that ! i use to feed birds and stray dogs too


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