Saturday, 27 September 2014

#HePicksMyPolish - September


I have missed a few months of the #HePicksMyPolish, however, I am back!!  Let's recap on what the challenge involves:
Have a 'he' (other half, dad, brother, uncle, friend, random man etc) pick 1-3 nail polishes and then you have to come up with a nail look or some nail art, with these polishes.

My 'he' for this month is my boyfriend, Jamie.  He picked me out Cherimoya - Love Drunk, Revlon Chroma Chameleon - Aquamarine and Technic - Gardenia. (he didn't get stressed out like last time either, phew!!).  I was very impressed with his choices, and immediately thought galaxy manicure.  I think it was because I always use this purple in my galaxy manis and I also have a darker Revlon Chroma Chameleon that I use too, but I was determined that this lighter blue was going to work. I also figured that technic gardenia would be fine for stars.

L-R: Cherimoya - Love Drunk, Revlon Chroma Chameleon - Aquamarine & Technic - Gardenia.

I was so intrigued to see if it all went together okay that just before I went to bed that night (not long after the polishes were chosen) I decided to do a trial on my practice/idea wheel.  I was so happy when it worked out.

I showed Jamie this picture and he said it reminds him of "some sort of artsy montage version of the American flag.... it's like if someone said take the American flag and make an artsy version based on the values of the flag then that's it as it includes everything.".  I didn't tell him it was actually a Galaxy... I just revelled in the fact that he thought it was cool and artsy, and I wanted to wait until I had it on my nails to see what he said then.   (The photo looked a little more red than purple).

I used the Revlon as the base as it was the thinner of the two 'colours'.  I then sponged on the Cherimoya.  It is such an opaque polish that it didn't blend too easily and I was probably a bit heavy handed, so I used the technic to blend it in a bit better.  I then used a long thin brush and a tiny thin pointy brush to do the stars.

One problem is that I found these nails so hard to photograph!  Here are the best photographs I managed:

When I showed Jamie the final look he said "they look great, ruins my American thing though as it looked red... reminds me of space." RESULT!!

Roll on the October #HePicksMyPolish!

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  1. Your boyfriend spoiled you with those colors! They look so great paired together, and you created a beautiful galaxy look with them. Great job to both of you!

    1. Thank you so much! I showed him your comment, and he was pretty chuffed!
      I was SO happy when he was revealing the polishes! Although, after the first two, I was a little worried that I'd get something completely obscure!!


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