Saturday, 5 July 2014

Seventeen Juicy Neons - Pink

Nail polishes are a big weakness of mine and I always like trying out new polishes.  I decided to try out one of the new Seventeen Juicy Neon polishes.  I was torn as to which one to get, but after much deliberation I went with the pink one.

Ignore the less than perfect bases, I knew I'd be covering them up!

For the base I used, L-R: LA Colors Base Coat (on all nails), Jess - Playmate (index), Nails Inc - Sugarloaf Sunset (middle), Jess - French White (ring) and Rimmel - Black Cab (pinky).

3 coats.
3 coats over base coat.
   This polish goes on very thinly and is very watery and sheer.  I don't think I'd wear this polish on its own as I'm not that in to the sheer look.  I do however love how it looks over the different pinks, white and black.  Over pinks it gives them a nice glittery shimmer - not so sure about it being neon though.  Over black it turns blue!!  It's hard to believe that this is the same polish that I have on all of my nails as my little finger looks completely different to the others!   I really like the effect over black, but my favourite was 3 coats over Nails Inc Sugarloaf Sunset.



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