Thursday, 12 June 2014

Visiting The Big G

Catch Ups, Glasgow 2014 Photoshoot and 'The Big G'
9th June, 2014

On Monday, I was in Glasgow for a Glasgow 2014 photoshoot.  I'm not revealing details of what the photos were for, but it's for something pretty cool (well, I think so anyway!).  I was so nervous beforehand, however, I had no reason to be as the photographer was really nice and I felt pretty special having my picture taken in Central Station!!

Katherine who I first met at another media day I did for Glasgow 2014 back in October was involved with this photoshoot too, so we managed to have a catch up, and ended up having our pictures taken together at Central.  Two others were also having their pictures taken at the same time, Claudia and Michael.
After the photoshoot, Katherine, Michael and I went to George Square to see 'The Big G'.

Here are a selection of photographs from a rainy George Square, Glasgow!

I must point out that I am not THAT short, Michael is just pretty tall!  Katherine and I then met up with Lindsay (another October media day friend!) who was going to have his photos taken down by the River Clyde.  We visited the new bar at Central Station (I have no idea what it is called) which was really nice, and very quiet.  It was also good to get out of the rain!!  After a quick look round a few shops, and some chilli cheese bites - yes I managed to fit in time to have some!! - it was time to get the bus back home.


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