Friday, 8 August 2014

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect

Whilst browsing Poundworld, I saw Nutra Nail Gel Perfect, and thought that I'd quite like to try it.  I'm always looking for new nail products to use, and thought a silver one would be perfect for the Commonwealth Games, when I know I'm not going to have a chance to repaint my nails for a couple of days.  I also saw a blue which I couldn't resist!

The instructions say to do a test nail for 48 hours before using the product on all nails.  I adhered to these instructions, mainly because I seem to be a very sensitive person, and mildly allergic to many things!!

I tried the blue polish out first.  This is my tester nail:

As you an see, it pretty much exactly looks like the packet, when on my nail!  It is a gorgeous shade of blue!
This is 3 coats of activator and colour, with a top coat of activator on top.  The first 2 coats dried within minutes, however the third, with the extra coat of activator (instructions state you apply it before the 3rd coat is dry) took a little longer to dry.  Saying that, it was dent proof really quickly, much quicker than normal polish (sometimes my polish is still dentable the next day!!).  One thing that was a little off putting about the polish was the smell, it was pretty strong!  I did notice that close up, the polish still looked a little streaky even on the third coat, however, from a short distance away, the nails looked great!

On the first day of wearing this polish, I noticed lots of little cracks appear.  You could only see them in a certain light though, and from a distance the nail still looks great.  Cracks are better and less obvious than chips!  I guess it's a little disappointing that it happened on day one though.
The nail polish was fairly easy to remove with regular remover. However, many of the cracks that had appeared on the polish had in fact also gone through to my nail, so I wouldn't recommend using this product regularly. I'm not sure how to stop the cracking - if anyone has any tips please do share as I was so impressed with how quickly this product dried!

I googled Nutra Nail Gel Perfect, and it looks like it sells in Boots for £14.99.  I purchased these from Poundworld, for £1.  Overall that is a saving of £28!


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