Tuesday, 24 June 2014

#HePicksMyPolish - June

Nail Art Challenge
Picture Heavy Post!

These are the colours that my brother picked for me last month!  I was planning on doing two looks for the May challenge, but life got in the way and I did a quick mani using these colours but it was a TOTAL fail.... so I managed a total of zero.  Sorry!  The June challenge has come around SO quickly, that it actually doesn't feel like a month since the last one.  Anyway, here is what my brother picked out from my collection:

Collection 2000 - Blue Hawaii
Outdoor Girl - Unnamed Peach
Black Nail Art Pen (From Primark)

He, like Jamie, picked pastels - and even exactly the same peachy shade as the April #HePicksMyPolish!  Weird!  Using these picks, this is what I created:

I'm so bad, I browse through instagram, blogs and twitter just looking at nail art, and I see designs in passing that I make a mental note of, but sometimes I forget to take a screenshot or note of who has done them, my bad!  So I have seen the gradient leopard print somewhere on instagram, twitter or a blog, however, I do not know where I saw it so if this is your design, please let me know (or if you know who's design it is), so I can credit them!  Thanks!

I used a basecoat, and then two coats of the peach on my pointer and pinky, and one coat of the blue on my middle finger.  I then used a sponge to do the gradient on my ring finger.  Then, I used my dotting tool to dot random shaped of the opposite colour on each of the nails, followed by outlining in a leopard-print-kind-of-way with the nail art pen.

I haven't done a gradient in ages, so I was pleased with how this one turned out.  I actually really love the contrast between the blue and the peach.

Even though I left these nails to dry overnight before topcoating, they smudged!  HOW!?  Although after smudging my pointer by applying the topcoat fairly slowly and precisely, disaster was averted by applying it quickly and less precise on my other nails which didn't seem to smudge!  Phew! (If my nails look a bit shiny round the edges, it's topcoat from my slapdash quick application to avoid smudging!).

Here is a lovely picture of the manicure in progress (in bad lighting):

And finally, here is a picture of my nails before top coat:



  1. Wow! The result looks amazong! Love it!

  2. Cute! I love the gradient nail! :D

    1. Thank you! That's my favourite nail :) x


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