Monday, 30 June 2014

Goodbye, June.

Where did June go?!

 June Recap:

9th June - Glasgow!
I have written a full blog post about my Glasgow trip, you can read it HERE.

10th June - Steward Training.
YES, I got a fluorescent vest!  All the stewards were given a mug, wristband and pin badge for volunteering which was a nice touch from Glasgow 2014.

14th June - Venue Specific Training.
I was so nervous about this training! I don't even know why (I think maybe it was just the thought of the bus journey!).  It was all fine though, and Hannah was there, so I got to see her at the start which made me less nervous!  I learnt a little bit more about my role, and had another tour of the Commonwealth Games Village - yep, it's MASSIVE.  I also stayed at Hannah's that night, followed by an amazing breakfast (and ice cream) at the Allanwater Cafe in Bridge of Allan - if you ever get the chance, go check it out.

15th/20th June - Pony Sitting.
We looked after the neighbours' five lovely Shetland ponies while they were away.  They are so sweet, and usually come trotting down to the stables when they hear us coming, and they love going for a run in the field with me!  They also like posing for photos.

19th June - Queen's Baton Relay in Dumfries & Galloway!
Dumfries and Galloway welcomed the Queen's Baton Relay to the area!  It was lovely and sunny, and I got to wear my fluorescent vest!!  It was lovely to see everyone out in their numbers in Castle Douglas to cheer the baton bearers on.  I did my duties, and there were no crowd incidents on my stretch!  Afterwards, we walked down to see the baton go on the loch in a dragon boat.

21st June - Scottish Rally Preview Day Volunteering.
It was another sunny day in Dumfries & Galloway!  I was helping out Claire in Dumfries with the Scottish Rally Preview Day at Whitesands in Dumfries.  Dumfries was really busy, partly because of the sun but mainly because it was the Riding of the Marches, which went down White Sands, so we had a good view!

Picture from the day in the Standard.

26th/27th June - Scottish Rally Volunteering.

Wow.  What a busy couple of days!  I can't remember all that I did, but tasks included: packing competitor pack, packing volunteer packs, stapling lots and helping with the signing on.  Everyone that was working on the rally were really friendly and easy to get along with.  On the Thursday night I stayed at Barony College, which was booked out by the rally organisers.  I have never been to the Barony before -  it looked really nice from the outside, and inside wasn't too bad either!  It was so weird that it had a bar in the same building as all the rooms.  The only real problem was that there was absolutely no signal what-so-ever anywhere on the campus!!  It was really interesting seeing behind the scenes of another sport, and was great fun meeting all the drivers and co-drivers, and seeing all the cars while they were being scrutinised.  I did my nails especially:

Roll on July!



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