Thursday, 8 May 2014

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Week 18 Fingerfood's Theme Buffet - Oriental

Fingerfood's Theme Buffet
Week 18

I (AGAIN) missed another 2 weeks of the Theme Buffet, Oops.  But this week, I have for you all my contribution to the 'oriental' theme.  Now, I had no idea what to do, as all the mani's I saw being posted onto the Facebook group were so intricate, and arty - now me, I'm no good at intricate or arty, so I was worried I was going to have to sit this week's theme out.  I did a quick google image search for 'Oriental Nail Art', and I quickly saw loads of cherry blossom style nails... So I them googled cherry blossom tutorial, as I have never done cherry blossom before.

I found a great tutorial here: Did My Nails.

However, I didn't really stick to it.  I used the same sort of colours, but I wasn't feeling patient enough to do groups of five dots and three dots - plus my dots just seemed to be massive! - so i ended up just doing random dots wherever I felt like!  Now stand by for some special instructions....

I really like my nails, but I think they look better from a distance.  They also look better in person than they do in the photo's... SO if you are reading this, please step away from your computer/laptop/phone/tablet/whatever, and view the following pictures from a distance (or just squint - it has the same effect)!


Ah, I also forgot how difficult it was to take photographs when I have this shimmer top coat on, so here is a 'before' photo.

For this look, I used:
Boutique - Unnamed (Green)
Rimmel - Black Out
Rio Nail Art Pen (Black)
Rimmel - Cupcake Pink (Light Pink)
Revlon - Sweet Tart (Darker Pink)
Collection - Sparkle Top Coat

I think I will definitely try these again at some point, I found them quite quick to do, and I know where I can now improve.

Take a look at all the other fabulous 'Oriental' themed nail art:

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  1. These are so gorgeous! Great minds do think alike! ;)

    1. Thank you Sarah! Haha yes indeed! Cherry Blossom rocks!

  2. you did a good job hun I like the colours xxx

    1. Thank you very much Dawn :) I liked having this on my nails :) xxx


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