Sunday, 25 May 2014

Swatches - P.S. & Sarah Smiles

P.S. - Mint Green
Sarah Smiles - Balancing Act

Today I have some swatches for you.  Now, I'm not a big fan of green, however, I find these two polishes quite acceptable.   In fact, they are more than just 'acceptable', I love them!  They are very fresh, and something I will definitely be wearing in the Summer.

Here is a lovely mint green polish by P.S. (£1 from Primark - BARGAIN!).

Three Coats, no base coat or top coat.
Three coats, no base coat or top coat.

This polish is only £1 from Primark.  I read about these polishes on some other blogs, and even though I normaly steer clear of green polishes, I was instantly drawn to this one, so when I had the chance to go to Primark, I made sure I picked up this polish!  It went on a little streaky, the first two coats, but by the third thin coat, there were only a few noticeable streaks and they were only noticeable if you inspected the nails really closely.  If you only do thin layers, then the polish dries pretty quickly.  It is a lovely fresh mint green.  I wish I had picked up some more of the polishes, but I decided to just get the one to try out incase they weren't very good.  I can safely say that I will be going to get a few more of the colours the next time I am in Glasgow!

I had been struggling to choose which polish to use under Sarah Smiles "Balancing Act", but as soon as I had the P.S. plish on my nails, I knew that it was the perfect match!

With two coats of Balancing Act, no top coat.
With two coats of Balancing Act, no top coat.
With two coats of Balancing Act, no top coat.
Balancing Act has green, silver and white glitters of different shapes and sizes, in a clear base.  There is just the right amount of glitter in the polish and it goes on nicely.  It dries relatively quickly too!

3 coats of P.S., 2 coats of Balancing Act & One coat of top coat.



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