Friday, 16 May 2014

Mossy, Mrs Mossy & Missy

Mossy, Mrs Mossy & Missy
May 15th, 2014
Dumfries & Galloway

Mrs Mossy (I can see a tag!)
The lovely red kites enjoy the sun, and they were again playing really close to my house, so I tried to take a few shots of them.  I just wished they moved a little slower, and my camera focussed a little quicker!  Mossy & his Mrs have also been joined by a third Kite.  She (I don't really know if it is a she!) is to be known as Missy.  I just need to find a way of telling Mossy & Missy apart!

Lightened to show the detailing.

I think they are beautiful birds, albeit a little terrifying when they are flying above you and calling haha!

Also, here is a snap I took last week of Mrs Mossy taking some food from my garden!  Considering Mrs M. was moving at speed, I was behind a window which needs cleaned and it was a dull day, I am really pleased with this photo!  Look at the size of her!
The Green wing tag (means that it is Mrs Mossy, as Mossy does not have his wing tags any more) means that this is a Kite that was released in Dumfries & Galloway - and there is a white stripe on the bottom of it, which I think means it's a 2011 release.
(Although I can see a hint of blue on the other wing, so I'm a little confused.  It could mean she was released in 2010.)

I wonder if there will be any Red Kite babies this year....

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  1. birds are stunning ! thanks for so many nice posts and pics


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