Saturday, 31 May 2014

Goodbye, May.

In a post at the start of May (Hello, May) I introduced  series of posts that I would be doing at the start of each month.  I decided to also do one at the end of each month with a recap on how the month went, and if it went as planned, or not.

May Recap:

Queen of the South v Falkirk.
Queens won this match, however they lost the second leg up at Falkirk in extra time.

Role Specific Training.
I met up with Suzie the evening before training which was nice, I can't remember when I saw her last, but I think it was a while ago!  I was really nervous before the training, however, in hindsight, I don't know why.  Everyone was really nice and there was nothing hard to do!

I had a LOT of information to take in, but it got me very excited for the Games, and I got to meet lots of lovely new people.  I also found out my role had changed slightly.  I was a little disappointed, however, I aim to make the most of this fantastic opportunity I have been given!

Radio One's Big Weekend.
Take a look at this post - here - it includes lots of pictures of the weekend!  What a fantastic event!!

Ideal Home Show.
Hannah and I were both pretty tired after the Big Weekend.  We had a little look round, had some ice cream and went to one of the live shows.  We ended up being contestants in the show and I won a One Direction DVD and chocolate!

Uniform & Accreditation Pick Up.
Uniform and accreditation pick up was a pain free experience and the uniform is even better than I imagined!  I love the colours of it, I think it suits me, and everything feels good quality wise.  Now I just need to keep my accreditation safe!

I extended the giveaway another 5 days!  Final chance to enter!  Enter here.


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