Thursday, 1 May 2014

Addicted2Sparkle (Giveaway!)

As a few of you may know, I have started making my own jewellery.  I currently sell on etsy, and ebay, although prices are slightly cheaper if you buy off me directly through facebook or email.  I am also going to sell some bits and bobs that can be used in crafting and jewellery making.  I got a great deal on all these products, so I can offer them at a good price.

To help with exposure, I have decided to set up a giveaway - see the Rafflecopter below!  There will be one prize of a black & pink Addicted2Sparkle Fantasy Horse bracelet and matching earrings (shown below).  This is only a small giveaway, as I have not been selling my jewellery long.  I shall do more giveaways in the future, when milestones are reached on twitter, facebook and through online sales.

I will also be on the lookout for 3 bloggers shortly to do a review of some of my products.  Leave me a comment if you are interested :) - I will be doing this at the start of June.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Giveaway is only open to residents of the UK.
(This giveaway is not endorsed or sponsored by Facebook, Twitter or Blogger, and they are in no way responsible.)

Here is a look at some of my products for sale, along with the prices for UK buyers - More can be found on my Facebook page, and on Twitter.  If you see something you like OR if you would like a custom piece of jewellery, drop me a facebook message, or an email -

£4 including P&P.
£5 - with a choice of any charm, all of which can be found over on my facebook page) - including P&P.
£5 including P&P.
£5 including P&P.
£4.50 each including P&P.
£6 for the set, including P&P.
£4.50 each, including P&P
£3 including P&P for 2 - Mix & Match.
£3 including P&P for 2 - Mix & Match.


  1. I love the horse design ahhh! Currently, my fav colour has to be peach :)

    I'd also be willing to review for you and your business if you'd have me! :)

    Sarah /

    1. I love it too!
      Ohhh good choice for fav colour :)
      I'd love that! I will be in touch at the staff of June, and if you still want to do it then that'd be awesome! Thanks! X

  2. I love the brightly coloured ones (2nd last) they look perfect for Spring/Summer! :D
    I can't enter as I don't have twitter, but I'd be willing to do a review if you'd have me and my tiny little blog :)
    ~Becca //

    1. Hey, thanks for commenting!! :)
      If you have Facebook you can enter by just doing that option :)
      Thanks, they do look summery. And they're nice and light, so perfect for hot weather (if it arrives....!) Haha. Thanks, I will get back in touch at the start of June!! :) x


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