Tuesday, 1 April 2014

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Topic 7 - #2014BloggerChallenge - Photo Challenge

I have chosen Saturday 29th March as my Day in Pictures.  I chose this day because I figured there would be lots of things I could take pictures of, in order to make my post interesting!

Most pictures were taken on my ipod, so not brilliant quality, the photos taken on my phone are a little clearer.  Should really start using my camera more!

So, here is my day in pictures:

It's Saturday, so that means a little lie in - isn't my duvet cover cute?!

A good way to spend a Saturday morning lie in is by watching an early morning F1 qualifying session - a very wet Malaysian Grand Prix qualifying to be precise.

I had a quick browse of twitter.
I also checked the latest news, and also facebook and of course my blog.

Time to get up - boooo -and get showered.  Here's my lovely shower gel of choice today! I received it for Christmas, and it smells really nice.

My OOTD includes my Queen of the South shirt (last years!), and lots of layers because I get cold at the football!

Football time!  This is the view from my seat.  Today's Match is Queen of the South v Morton.  We won 3-0!!

Time to get cosy and snuggled up with Alfie in front of the fire with Saturday night tv.

One of the things I love to watch on a Saturday night is Casualty!

Finally, back to where it all started this morning. Bed.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my day.  I look forward to seeing everyone else's posts!


  1. Your Saturday was full of sport! Sounds like a good Saturday. Also your cat is adorable x

    1. It sure was :) I love my sporty saturdays! Thank you! x

  2. I also love watching F1 but that weekend I was away on holiday and I missed it. Anyway it's getting a bit boring with the Red Bull being miles away from the rest. I know they haven't started that well this grand prix but give them time.

    1. Ahh. I agree, it is a bit boring when there's only one team (one driver) always at the front. Was really pleased with the Oz GP podium though! I must say, I loved Mark Webber, but I am not keen on Seb Vettel at all. Would like to see Ricciardo do well however he seems to have picked up Mark Webber's bad luck!! All these new rules are baffling too! :) thanks for your comment! x

    2. I also loved Mark and don't think he was very well treated by the Red Bull team. Let's see if this season brings a bit more fun as I was beginning to get bored during last season.

    3. I don't think he was either, and he bought a LOT to that team, a lot of brains and knowledge. I hope he does well in his new race format. Race this weekend, just gutted I don't have sky! Have to avoid all social media until the BBC highlights haha!


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