Sunday, 9 March 2014

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Week 10 Fingerfood's Theme Buffet - Dots & Stripes

The base for this mani is Cynthia Rowley.  It is SUCH a bright colour.  I took so many pictures trying to get this colour to show up how it actually looks in real life.  It makes me look even paler than I am.  I really like it though.  It looks orange in some lights, red and pink in others.  For the stripes and dots, I used an Andrea Fulerton 'Stripe & Sparkle' in Brooke.

Here are some pictures:

Theme Weeks - Dots and Stripes

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  1. Very beautiful :) the silver glitter goes really well with that colour nail polish! xx

    1. thank you ! the silver sort of cools down the brightness a little - phew! haha :) xx

  2. I love that bright colour and the glitter goes really well with it x

  3. Replies
    1. Ohhh, I hadn't thought of that! But I could totally see baubles looking like this!

  4. I love the bright color and glitter what a cute mani good job :) xxx


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