Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Topic 6 - Food - 2014BloggerChallenge

Okay, so this topic is a little tricky.  I mean, I really enjoy making cupcakes, biscuits, pasta bakes, pizzas, cookies etc but can't think of any out of the ordinary recipes to put on here.  And then there's the fact that I am a really fussy eater haha...  So I am going to just tell you a few of my (VERY RANDOM) favourite things...

My Favourite.... Type of chocolate:
KINDER chocolate.  I mean, YUM.

My Favourite.... Thing from a fast food restaurant:
Burger King Chilli Cheese Bites.  I live ages away from a Burger King (40miles!) so whenever I visit Glasgow I make sure I get some.  They are so good.  I'd love some right now!
My Favourite.... Thing to get from a takeaway place:
Macaroni Cheese & Chips, Rice & Curry Sauce or Aloo Pakora.

My Favourite.... Meal (currently):
Potato Croquettes, Plain Pasta, Cheese & Mayo.  It may look a little anemic on the plate, but it sure is delicious!

My Favourite.... Sandwich:
Cheese!  I love cheese.

My Favourite.... Flavour Pringles:
Sour Cream and Onion.

My Favourite.... Thing to get from Subway:
Bacon, Double Spicy Cheese and Lettuce with Mayo on Hearty Italian Bread - simple but yummy.

My Favourite.... Vegetable:

My Favourite.... Pizza Topping:
Because I am so fussy, I usually just go Margharita.  If I make the pizza myself, sometimes I will add bacon, or a few bits of jalapenos.

My Favourite....  Pasta Sauce:
I love a tomato and chilli base, with cheese.

My Favourite.... Part of a Christmas Dinner:
Stuffing and Roast Potatoes.

So, you can probably tell I was clutching at straws... any other ideas for things I could add - please let me know and I will add them haha.  Basically you can tell I love cheese and unhealthy foods!

Look forward to seeing what everyone else blogs about for this topic!


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