Thursday, 20 March 2014

Shine On Award

I am LOVING doing these types of posts!

Sarah has nominated me for a Shine On Award.  Go check out her blog Sarah Smiles.  She also makes gorgeous nail polishes, necklaces and keyrings!  I'd also like to wish her a Happy Belated Birthday. As she has recently turned 20 :)

So, the Shine On Award was created to show how all our blogs can make us, the blogger  shine, and how we can all brighten up each other's days.  How sweet!  The rules are: link back to the person who nominated you, write 7 facts about yourself and nominate 15(!) other bloggers to continue the tag.

Last week when I started to write up my TMI blog post, my electric went off which killed my computer and I lost all my progress, today as I'm writing this the weather is really wet and windy.... I hope my electric doesn't go off again this time round!!

Seven Facts About Me.

1.  I love animals.  I have 2 rabbits - Bunny & Dandelion - and 2 dwarf hamsters - Chico & Fred - who live in my room with me here at home.  We also have a cat called Alfie.  I would have more if I was allowed - and had more space!  At least I know my boyfriend loves animals too, so it won't be a problem in the future.  He wants to adopt and animal from Nowzad, which I'm so excited about as there are some really lovely animals with such sad back stories.  I think in the future we will probably be regulars at our local rehoming centre too haha!

Queen of the South Shirt
2.  I love sport.  Sport is a big passion of mine.  Not so much doing it, but watching it and helping with the running of it.  I am a keen fan of Formula One - David Coulthard was brought up not far from me and I've been to his museum many times.  I was then a big fan of Mark Webber - such a genuine nice guy with so much knowledge and talent, just not much luck!  I was introduced to cricket by Jamie, and have a soft spot for Chennai Super Kings.  I'm not into county cricket or international cricket, but I will be watching the IPL when it's back to support CSK.  Through volunteering at a Track Cycling World Cup I developed a great interest in track cycling.  I volunteered at a junior world championships and always try and watch it when it's on TV.  One day I'd also love to go to Wimbledon, and I enjoy watching tennis on TV.  I also like watching athletics.  My favourite sport is football, and I have a season ticket for my local league club, Queen of the South. So that's where you will find me most Saturdays, at the football!

3.  I love TV programmes about houses, restoration and decorating etc, such as Homes Under The Hammer, Escape To The Country and Grand Designs.  I love looking at furniture, furnishings and decorations in shops, there are so many different themes I'd love to decorate rooms in, I'm either going to have to buy a house with 20 rooms, or become a property developer..!  I also love looking online at properties and imagining what I'd do if I bought it, like what I would use the different rooms for and how they'd be decorated... Is that weird?

4.  I am currently looking for a job... Employ me, someone? Anyone?  My dream job would be within the sports tourism industry.  It is where I am best suited.  I have studied sports and tourism, my passion is sport & I have a keen interest in tourism, and 90% of my experience is within sports tourism.  I really enjoy meeting people from all over the world, and showing them this country and having a general sports theme to trips.  It's great to have something in common with people you are looking after, so looking after people with an interest in sports is fun as you can share stories and learn about sports in their country.

Some pink polish.
5.  I think I am addicted to nail polish.  As you can probably tell from many of my blog posts, I spend many an evening painting my nails.  I also enjoy finding bargains, and there are plenty of nail polish bargains to be found.  I love going into Poundland and finding a Revlon polish, or a Sally Hansen polish for £1 when they would usually cost a few pounds more.  I once saved around £32 on a poundland nail polish haul!  I have around 300 nail polishes, not as many as some people I have seen, however, I consider it to be a damn good collection.  It is constantly growing too...!  I can't wait until I move into my own place, Jamie has already volunteered to make me a nail polish storage shelf, which will be awesome!  I didn't even need to ask!  My dream is to have my own office within the house (well, Jamie gets to have a man cave, so it's only fair I have my own room too!), and within it I can display all my pretty nail polishes.  But first I need a job to fund moving...

The Courteeners, O2 Academy.
6.  I have a rather varied taste in music.  This is very obvious by some gigs/concerts I have been to, they include:  Steps x3, Courteeners x3, Liam Fray, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Jane McDonald x3, Glasvegas x2, Of Monsters & Men and The View.  I have to say Lady Gaga put on such a show, it was fabulous (even though there was an hour gap between the support and her starting her set!).  My favourite Courteeners gig was the most recent one at the Barrowlands.  I'd never been there before but had heard about it being a great venue for gigs.  The set was brill, and quite long, and most importantly they played my favourite song 'That Kiss'.  My favourite Steps concert was the first one I went to at the SECC on their reunion tour.  It was absolutely amazing and it took me back to my childhood.  It had always been a dream to go and see Steps in concert, and it felt so unreal actually being there, and I had all the words embedded in the back on my brain somewhere as I hadn't forgotten any of them.

7.  I seem to collect quite a few things.  I have lots of autographs, photos with famous (and not so famous) people, cuddly toys and stationary, as well as nail polishes/decorations/tools.  I also seem to have collected quite a lot of paraphernalia (big word!) from the events I have volunteered at - t shirts, lanyards and pin badges.
Track Cycling World Cup volunteer tshirt, signed by Robert Forstemann, Kristina Vogel & Stefan Botticher, along with my passes.
Spain Shirt signed by some of the Spanish Olympic Football Squad including:  David De Gea, Juan Mata, Javi Martinez & Cesar Azpilicueta.  Sorry about the reflection, it's so tricky to take a picture of it now it's framed and on my wall!
If you got to the end of all that, then well done.  I think you know quite a bit about me now!

I'm not going to tag 15 people, as I can't think of 15 people to tag who would appreciate the tag.  So, I tag:

I may add a few more people to the list in the near future.


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