Monday, 24 March 2014

Review/Swatch: Jess - Dancing Queen

I recently went to Glasgow and visited Poundland again.  I can't help myself!  Whilst I was in there I found a lovely Jess polish.  It is called Dancing Queen.  Dancing Queen is a deep pink (bordering on purple in some lights) with silvery sparkles.  It was £1 for 9ml.

With Flash

Without Flash

 This is 3 coats.  Only the thumb has a top coat.

The polish didn't smell bad at all - which I found with the previous Jess polishes I bought, and went on nicely. It's maybe a little streaky, but for £1 you can't really complain!  Each coat went on better than the last.  The polish dried quite quickly too, which is always good in my eyes!

It's a gorgeous colour, and I could t stop staring at it in the sunshine today.

Look out for some nail art featuring this polish as the base for my #RainbowNails pink in a week's time.


  1. Such a gorgeous colour, I saw these in Poundland the other day so I'll have to go and pick this one up :) xx

    1. It really is :) ! Especially in the sun! Was sparkling away. And, it doesn't smell funky!! Xx

  2. Ohh, they must of have changed the formula, it's good if they have removed the bad smell :) Dancing Queen seems beautiful, well worth the £1!

    1. Yeahhh I gave an older bottle and a newer bottle a wee sniff (probably a bad idea!!) And they didn't smell too unsimilar, however I do remember using the other stuff and noting the funky smell, and this one definitely didn't smell bad on application! Happy days!! It's a lovely colour. The silver shimmer is quite obvious, but that makes it quite charming.


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