Friday, 21 March 2014

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#RainbowNails - Yellow

I've left it quite late to post this! Oops!
I had done a nice mani at the start of the week, gradients of yellow with holo dots and accent nail.  However, I smudged it before I cleaned up and took photos...
Here is the gradient before dots:

So, I salvaged my pinky and ring finger and just used 2 different yellows on my index and middle finger.  Also, my ring finger nail broke so I decided to cut my nails!



  1. Those nails are so cute! Love! Love! Love! Great post! x

  2. Lovely bright colours! These are gorgeous :)

  3. Lovely I like the silver accent nail and dots on the pinky :) x

    1. Thank you! Before I mucked my nails up they all had dots on. I love the silver holo polish too, it's SOOOOO sparkly x

  4. Beautiful nails. I have a thing for glitter nail polish so <3
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