Wednesday, 19 February 2014

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Week 7 Fingerfood's Theme Buffet - Abstract

Week 7 of Fingerfood's Theme Buffet already, wow.  This week's theme is 'abstract'.  The cling film (saran wrap, plastic wrap) manicure is a technique that I've not tried.... until now.

I found a brilliant tutorial on BritNails.

The pictures are of my 3rd attempt.  Firstly I used orange and pink polish which ended up just looking too similar to each other, so didn't iook very impressive.  I then added a layer of grey on top again using the cling film technique, but my nails just didn't look finished.  I was stumped about what to do, but I ended up adding a layer of white on top and I really like what I ended up with.
Albeit, I now have like 8 layers of polish on my nails, and they are STILL dentable 24 hours after I finished them... Oops.  I ended up with loads of imprints on them when I woke up, and one of my studs had even moved a bit! *sad face*!  At least next time, I won't have loads of layers of top coat in between, so the nails should be more stable haha.

Here are some pictures:



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