Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Haul/Review: Cynthia Rowley, Jess, Pretty, MUA

This is my first 'haul' post.  But I was so pleased with the bargains I picked up when I was in Glasgow, I had to share them.

First up are these two lovely Cynthia Rowley polishes which I picked up from TK Max for £3.99 (for 2, 15ml).

This pinky purple polish goes on very smooth, doesn't smell bad and dries with a bright matte finish.

This silver polish has flecks of sliver glitter in, goes on smooth, but dries textured.  The glitter really catches the light and shimmers.

Next up are two JESS polishes which I got from Poundland for... £1 (each, 9ml).

A neon pink, called 'Playmate' with pink shimmer and a blue/pink duochrome called 'Breathless'.  The polishes didn't smell too nice, but it is definitely worth it.  For the neon pink, a base coat is recommended on the bottle.  2 or 3 coats of this polish will really make the colour pop.  It did go on a little streaky, but each coat was better than the last.

Breathless, the blue/pink duochrome, is lovely.  When out of the light, the polish just looks like any other light blue polish, but as soon as some light hits it, the pink comes shining through.  Personally, I will be using this polish over a pale blue to make the pink stand out even more when it is in the light.  The swatch shows the colour on its own, with three coats.  This one went on less streaky than the pink.

I also picked up this un named 'Pretty' polish from Poundland (£1).

This reminds me of indie polishes.  It is a white creamy polish with multi-coloured glitter.  Again, not the nicest smelling nail polish out there, however, for £1, the polish goes on smooth and has a good amount of glitter in.  The picture shows 3 coats with no base or top coats.

Last but by no means least, I got an MUA polish from Superdrug (£1, 6.2ml) in the shade All Nude.
Application was smooth, and it had a nice even glossy finish.

Here's some pictures of the polishes on false nails - 3 coats of each (if I remember rightly!) in different lights.

The flash doesn't pick up the pink in the blue/pink duo brome like natural light does, it's a really difficult one to photograph!



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