Wednesday, 20 November 2013

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Another Glitter Gradient!

After loving this glitter gradient manicure so much, it's now the manicure I go for when I either don't have too much time, or I can't think of  anything else to do.  This one was an excuse to use three recently purchased polishes in one go. 

The first polish is a Hello Kitty polish 'Tulip Too Late' which came in a cute shaped bottle.  It went on much better than I expected, and when it was on my nails and dry, it was a little darker than in the bottle.  Two coats were plenty (as shown on the right).  The second new polish was one which was free with Glamour magazine, a Kate Spade New York, Nails Inc polish called New York Noir.  A lovely black polish which had good shine.  Again two coats were plenty. 

The third new polish used in this manicure was a Rimmel glitter topcoat.  The glitters in this top coat have a goldy bronzey shimmer to them, which is different to most of my other glitter topcoats.  After a full coat of this, I used LA Colors holographic glitter to cover half my nail.  This polish shimmers mainly silver.  Then I added some of the glitter out of the Barry M polish which was larger than the other two glitters.

Some pictures (I'm so sad, the pictures don't capture how sparkly the glitters are):

Out of focus to try show the sparkles

With flash.



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