Wednesday, 29 May 2013

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Volunteering - Hampden Ambassador

Me equipped with my 'Here to Help' jacket & foam hand!
On Sunday, 26th May, I was a Hampden Ambassador.  This was a new initiative being tested after the success of a similar thing at the Olympics football events (of which Hampden played a part too).  

It was such a good day, and making it even better, the sun was shining and it was nice and warm.  Although the navy blue jacket we had to wear did attract the heat a little too much!

We were armed with our 'Here to Help' jacket, foam hand (both of which had a hashtag on - this amused me greatly! #ScottishCupFinal) and plenty of 'bang bang sticks'.  3 hours before kick off, the 12 of us paired up and were let loose around Hampden.  We had the job of welcoming people, providing help, giving out 'bang bang sticks' and pro-actively promoting the family activity area.

It was fun working with people I had encountered during volunteering for the Olympics last year, and was amazing being part of such a great Cup Final atmosphere.

Afterwards, we got to go and watch the game, which was a bonus!  The tickets we had were dotted around a bit, but me & Claire - who was my partner for the day - found ourselves in really good seats, 5 seats from the dug out, 4 rows from the front, in the Celtic end.  

Some pictures of my day:

Leigh Griffiths
Emilio Izaguirre

Gary Hooper
Me & Dougray Scott

Me & Beram Kayal
Me & Fraser Forster
Me & Bobby Petta
Me & Jorge Cadete
Me & Pierre Van Hooijdonk



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